World Wide Ferry                                      
Have Tanks Will Travel  

We provide any or all of the following services with aircraft delivery:


· Qualified crew, including expenses and  transportation costs

· All fuel and oil

· Installation of ferry fuel systems

· HF systems 

· Life raft and mandatory survival gear

· Arrange for overflight and landing permits

· Landing and parking fees

· Navigation fees

              Aircraft  Recovery


  Recovery could be anything from repossession to repairing a damaged
aircraft prior to flight. We have affiliations with companies that have the
resources to accomplish recoveries worldwide. We fly the good, the bad and
ugly! See the gallery.






  Recovering SR20 aircraft from
Canadian northern barren lands.
View the
video of the sandbar







Crew Training

   We can provide qualified crew for initial                                                                                                        training and/or short-term contracts.




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