The picture above shows three tanks installed in a DHC6 for a total of 1000 USG in the cabin which provides the required fuel to cross from California to Hawaii. The entire system, including tanks, hoses, valves, pumps, straps and shipping containers, weighs less than 150 lbs. The system can be installed in approximately four hours and removed in even less time.  

This system allows for ease of transportation allowing for quick deployment if need be.  

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Collapsible aircraft ferry tanks


Have Tanks Will Travel

The company utilizes Turtle-Pac collapsible ferry tanks which offer tremendous improvement over the Dehavilland barrel system or other solid tank systems. The collapsible ferry tanks were used for several years by Australian pilots prior to Planes & Parts Ltd. bringing the system to Canada. Flight Permits in Canada are issued by Transport Canada using the guidelines of  Staff Instruction SI500-020. The guideline states that the tanks must be metal and if not, the tanks must be reviewed by a Regional Aircraft Certification Engineer. Planes & Parts Ltd. submitted the tanks for review in 2003 to Prairie and Northern Region and, with input from Ottawa, they were found acceptable for use in Canadian registered aircraft as a temporary installation for ferry flight. No STC or LSTC is required and Transport Canada will indeed no longer issue such STC’s. We have also obtained 337s for flight authorizations of US registered aircraft.